Our mission is to connect leaders to inspire accountability, innovation, and possibility for school improvement through partnerships and research-based best practices

Heart & soul of the work

Welcome to the Advancing Improvement in Education Conference! This year's theme is the last of a three year theme examining the what,why, and how of our work in advancing improvement in education. This year's focus examines the HOW of our work, the heart and soul of our work as educators. After examining WHAT advancing improvement in education means to us, we then took a journey to reconnect with WHY we advance improvement in education. Our last journey, examining the HOW, promises to connect the what and why and give tools and resources to help refine your craft and advance improvement in education.

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Start a dialogue with your team! Watch Aric's video and discuss with your team, department, or campus staff.

Discussion questions:

  • What actions are you taking to improve school climate on your campus?
  • How are you instilling personal and professional improvement into your schools everyday climate?
  • Which of Aric's strategies are you using to build relationships so that students are eager to succeed?
  • How might student achievement be accelerated by improving your campus climate?